Cyber Scam: Beware of Phishing from Colombia Migracion

Cyber Scam: Beware of Phishing from Colombia Migracion

Social networks and the internet provide many advantages, but at the same time, these are places where criminals are in search of people to steal their passwords or money from. In Colombia, cybercriminals are currently using a new form of scam to rob travelers coming from abroad. Here you can find out what it is about and how to avoid it.

What is It About?

In this new method, they try to steal the personal data of tourists who are arriving in the country. This scam consists of sending an email where the person is asked to fill out a form with their personal data. This email appears to be from Colombia Migration and informations the traveler that they must provide the information requested since it is a requirement to enter Colombia. It has three links attached where the person must enter their personal information and in this way cybercriminals obtain crucial data about the person’s bank accounts and identity.

This email worries people as it announces the following: “We notify you that you have a pending process and until you receive notification of the expiration of this process, you will not be allowed to enter Colombia. For more information, you can download your process”. Migration Colombia together with the National Police is aware of this type of email and they affirm that those are false. They also said that in recent weeks the number of users reporting these emails has increased.

This type of crime is known as ‘phishing’ and it consists of sending a message or email with an attached link to access a web page. In the message, the scammer will tell the person to fill out a form with their personal data and the security codes of their debit and credit cards. What criminals are looking for with this is to impersonate people, banks, or organizations so they can get passwords and personal data. By having this information, it is easier for them to steal access to bank accounts and extract money or use credit cards. Phishing can be carried out not only through emails but also through text messages and WhatsApp.

How to avoid being a victim of these scams?

  • Compare the information in the email with the information on the official website of Colombia Migration. If the information on the email does not match the information on the official website, it is probably a scam.
  • Double-check the message before clicking on the link. Make sure you have reviewed the information carefully and look for any typing errors. If you find any inconsistent details, it is better to not trust that email.
  • Do not share personal data such as passwords or IDs through email. Banks will always ask for your information on their official platform, not through a message or email.

Keeping your personal data private is key for the security of your bank accounts. Take the necessary precautions and you will avoid thefts or scams.

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