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From August 30 to October 16, El Castillo showcases the remarkable artwork of Antioquia’s Mariela Restrepo in the exhibition titled “Let the landscape speak for me.”

The exhibition features 53 pieces, reflecting the artist’s perspective and her desire to encapsulate the very essence of her subjects. This retrospective delves into her deep connection with the land, emphasizing its significance in today’s quest for identity.

Mauricio Hincapié, the exhibition’s curator, praises Mariela’s exceptional technique. With her adept use of oil pastel, she brings landscapes to life in a unique manner.

Carlos Arturo Fernández, an art history master’s coordinator at the University of Antioquia and an expert on Mariela’s work, observes, “The nature depicted in Mariela’s pieces is raw, wild, and chaotic. The trees and waters don’t conform to traditional beauty standards; they represent the raw power and vitality of reality, distinct from conventional artistic norms.”

Throughout her career, Mariela has been a part of numerous solo and group exhibitions. In the 1970s, her art was displayed at prominent venues like the Museum of Antioquia, previously known as Museo de Zea. She was also chosen for exhibitions at the XI Artistic April of the University Museum of the University of Antioquia and the X Young Art Salon. A significant milestone was her invitation by Marta Trava to the IV Medellín Art Biennial in 1981, an event that played a pivotal role in regional art’s global context.

Subsequently, her artwork found homes in various esteemed locations, including the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, the National University of Bogotá, and the Gallery of Latin American Art at the Atlanta International School in the U.S. The El Castillo Museum, which frequently showcased her work, now stands as a testament to her legacy.

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30 Aug 2023 - 16 Oct 2023
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