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Annual Music Festival of Culture

“Parchese a la Fresca” is a vibrant late-afternoon Hip Hop and R&B party set to take over the coolest rooftops in Medellín, infusing them with style, culture, and the best music.

This event embodies the essence of urban and beach culture, offering a unique blend of community, celebration, liquor, and music under the banner of A LA F. Scheduled for February 10, 2024, from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM, the party will take place at Rooftop Solarium Medellín, offering a stunning venue for attendees to enjoy the afternoon and slip into the night with top-notch music, friends, and drinks.

The lineup features high-caliber artists including BlackRock, Kario One, Kid Sanchez from Panama, Laberinto ELC, Maco Maat (Afterclass), Matu, Dj Mike Style from Bogotá, and Sison Beats (Dj Set), promising an unforgettable auditory experience from start to finish. For a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere of these gatherings, their Instagram @alafmusicayparches showcases the lively and enjoyable experiences of past events.

Don’t miss this chance to join the freshest party scene in Medellín!

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Date of Event
10 Feb 2024 - 10 Feb 2024
Official Website

Solarium Rooftop

Time of Event
1 pm - 10 pm
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Solarium Rooftop

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