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La Estrella, Antioquia
20 min from Poblado
12 km( 7 miles)


Average 26c (78f)

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Located just south of the city of Medellin lies the town of La Estrella, translated as “The Star” in English. La Estrella is so close to Medellin that it is actually still connected to the Medellin metro system. Even though it’s officially not a part of the city of Medellin, it is part of the metropolitan area.

A Brief History of La Estrella

La Estrella is a town that dates back to 1685, when it was first established. However, it didn’t attain the status of an independent municipality until 1833. Today, it is home to a population of just over 70,000 residents.

Things to Do in La Estrella

Like many towns in Antioquia, the heart of La Estrella beats at its main park, making it an ideal starting point for your exploration. Let’s explore the different interesting things you can do in La Estrella.

Parque Principal (Main Plaza)

This one-square-block park has a lot of open space and is surrounded by small shops and restaurants. As La Estrella is located on a hill, sipping coffee at one of the charming cafes surrounding the park provides nice views.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá

This modest church is an interesting attraction and it’s worth a visit for its historical and cultural significance. Visit around noon on a Sunday, and you might catch a glimpse of the town’s life as people filter out of the church service. You can learn more about Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá in our extensive write up about the church.

Parque Recreativo Comfama La Estrella

A short bus ride from the Parque Principal brings you to this recreational park managed by Comfama. It features several pools, soccer fields of varying sizes, restaurants, picnic areas, and even ziplines. You do have to pay a small fee to enter, but luckily the fee isn’t very high, making it a worthwhile destination for a few hours of relaxation, dining, and people-watching.

Reserva Ecológica El Romeral

La Estrella is host to one of Aburra Valley’s largest ecological parks, the Reserva Ecológica El Romeral. This big natural park offers waterfalls, lagoons, canyons, and is host to a varying range of local flora and fauna. One of the defining features of El Romeral Reserve is its astonishing floral diversity. Within its protected area, a staggering 645 species of plants flourish, making it the most florally diverse region in the entire department of Antioquia.
Additionally there are 126 different species of birds to be found within the park’s confines, 16 different species of small mammals and 19 medium and large mammals. Amongst them is the ever elusive puma.

Festival of Romeral (Every September)

The Festival of Romeral is La Estrella’s most well-known annual event, celebrating local culture and nature. This multi-day festival features sports, concerts, and cultural performances, drawing visitors from near and far.

Restaurants & Dining

While La Estrella may not be renowned for a specific local food, you can still eat the paisa food you’re used to seeing in Medellin. Local restaurants around the town center offer a taste of paisa cuisine.
When it comes to nightlife, La Estrella is relatively low-key compared to neighboring Sabaneta. While you’ll find a few bars around the Parque Principal, it’s not known for its discotecas.

Where to Stay in La Estrella

La Estrella is rapidly growing town within the metropolitan area of Medellin. You can find variety of accommodations such as Hotels, Motels, Airbnb and Unfurnished Apartments.

Love Motels

La Estrella is known for something unique – its concentration of love motels. These establishments, often discreetly located just outside Medellin, offer a private retreat for couples. They are easily accessible via the highway or metro, making La Estrella a convenient destination for a romantic getaway.

Getting to La Estrella

Accessing La Estrella couldn’t be more straightforward, since it is connected to the Medellin metro system. However, there are various other transportation options, let’s explore them together.
Metro: Take the Medellin Metro to its southernmost station, La Estrella, and from there, a short bus ride or taxi journey will lead you to the Parque Principal.
Taxi: Just like getting anywhere in Medellin, you can opt to take a taxi or use a ride sharing app such as Uber or InDrive. Any taxi driver will be familiar with La Estrella.
Local Bus: Simply hop on any local bus marked “La Estrella.”
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