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Learn the Art of Gin from the Gin Queen in Medellin

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Is there anything better on a night out than a crisp Gin and Tonic? Who doesn’t love a good G&T at a bar? Well I for one am not a gin drinker. The genesis of my dislike for it is from 16-year old me getting caught with a bottle of it with friends on my birthday, then as punishment having to finish the whole bottle by myself while my parents looked on. Ever since then, the taste of gin is not for me. I’ve tried Gin and Tonics several times and they have always brought me back to sitting at my parents table. 

What I didn’t realize was that Gin and Tonics are an art form, and most bars that you go to, don’t truly take the time to curate the drink for you. Most bars will use a low quality tonic water from the gun or just whatever they found on sale at their local store. My mind was changed forever when I met Ximena Hoyos, the Gin and Tonic queen. 

Paisa Roots

Ximena is originally from Medellin and has lived in the United States for the majority of her life, but a part of her heart is here in Medellin. She travels back here frequently, and feels a sense of being at home when she returns to her motherland. She has spent the majority of her time in the US living in New York City, and working in architecture and interior design. Up until 2016, Ximena didn’t drink at all, however on a work trip in Spain her world was turned upside down when she had her first quality Gin and Tonic. 

Fast forward to 2020, during the pandemic, when she was laid off from her job, she and her partners decided to turn to the art of making Gin and Tonics and start the company. She took the same passion and approach that made her successful in the world of design and focused it on creating a Gin and Tonic that would get people talking. 

Chasing The Perfect Cocktail

In 2022 she formed a company with 2 good friends who are also women  to chase her newfound passion,they came up with the title of “The Gin and Tonic Queen” and it was affirmed by her clientele. She does not only event bartending, and puts together perfectly curated Gin and Tonic kits individualized for each person, but what she really likes to do is give seminars on creating the perfect Gin and Tonic and spread the love for gin one person at a time. These seminars can be anything from a group of friends wanting to have a unique party to a large class learning the art of transforming a pedestrian drink into something memorable. 

This is the most important takeaway from one of her classes, where most see just a cocktail, she sees the potential of what could be. This is a carryover from her career in interior design, an eye for the small details that take anything from pedestrian to extraordinary. Because every taste and palate is different, she does what is called “Gin flights” where you can try different types of gins you may never have seen before, and turn those into a palate changing event for you. She curates the perfect Gin and Tonic based on your palate and it culminates with a full sized cocktail that I guarantee you will be the best gin and tonic you’ve ever had. 

Returning To Her Roots

Ximena is returning to Medellin to give an expert level mixology class making cocktails with Gin. Her event will be on April 18, 2024 at De Pintxos Gastrobar starting at 6:30pm. There is an entry fee of $290,000 COP, which gets you 3 cocktails, 3 Pintxos (which are tapas),  as well as access to an expert gin mixologist. The class will be in Spanish, but she is completely bilingual and will be happy to translate anything to you. To RSVP for the event, you can send her a message on Whatsapp at +19178210974  or email her at [email protected] to save your spot.

I’m frequently asked what are some epic date ideas, well this is an incredible date night. Take it from me, a lifelong gin hater, what you can expect from Ximena’s Gin and Tonics are nothing less than a royal cocktail. If you can’t make it to her event, you can also have her teach the art of the Gin and Tonic at a party, corporate event or in just about any group setting. Since she frequents Medellin, you can have her come to your cocktail party or event. 

Save The Date

When: April 18, 2024 @ 6:30pm
Where: De Pintxos Gastrobar
Contact Whatsapp: +1 917 821 0974
Email: [email protected]
Price: $290.000 COP

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