Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide

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It’s that time of the year again Feria de las Flores, Medellin’s largest public event that happens every year. This year’s celebration runs from August 2 to 11. City officials have announced a diverse program featuring approximately 100 free public events and 80 private gatherings.

Download the Feria de Las Flores Program Guide Here

To help you make the most of the festival, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the Feria de las flores activities. For those eager to delve deeper into the Paisa cultural celebration, our detailed article provides further insights.

Since they have no officially posted the schedule for the largest parade in Medellin. (Medellin office likes to wait for the last minute) We’re going to write the typical parades that happen every year that doesn’t change. Details information about concerts of who’s playing will be updated as soon as we get the information. 

If You Don’t already know, What is Feria de las Flores? 

The Medellín Flower Fair, a cornerstone of Colombian culture since 1957, stands as one of the nation’s most significant events. It serves a dual purpose: preserving the intangible heritage of silleteros (traditional flower vendors) and celebrating Antioquian traditions, while fostering social unity through its diverse and inclusive program.

This iconic festival, typically held in early August, transforms Medellín into a vibrant tapestry of color and culture. At its heart is the Desfile de Silleteros, where flower growers parade with intricate floral arrangements, honoring the region’s agricultural heritage.

The fair’s wide-ranging activities – from concerts and classic car shows to flower exhibitions and culinary events – captivate both locals and international visitors. This blend of tradition, artistry, and warm Colombian hospitality has cemented the Flower Fair’s status as a must-experience event, showcasing Medellín’s rich cultural identity and the enduring spirit of its people.

Silleteros Parade 

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

The Silleteros Parade, the main event of Medellín’s Feria de las Flores, showcases the region’s floral artistry and cultural heritage. With over 510 silleteros will march along Avenida Regional, carrying intricate floral displays weighing up to 70 kilos on their backs. These silletas, crafted by entire families from rural villages, feature designs inspired by Antioquian culture, landscapes, and portraits. The parade route begins at the Guayaquil bridge, proceeds north along Avenida Regional, turns onto San Juan Street and Avenida del Ferrocarril, before concluding at Plaza Mayor. This year, 41 viewing stands will be installed, accommodating 21,300 spectators. Alternatively, visitors can watch for free from designated areas along the route. This emotional display of manual skill, strength, and artistry caps off nine days of citywide celebrations, including music, markets, and various cultural events.

Caminata Canina y de Mascotas Tierragro

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

The Tierragro Dog and Pet Walk is a unique annual event in Medellín, Colombia, held as part of the city’s Flower Fair. Founded by Leonardo Perez Jaramillo, it aims to raise awareness about animal care and protection. The walk welcomes families with their pets, primarily dogs, cats, and mini pigs. The route includes multiple hydration and medical attention points. This free event offers veterinary consultations, spa services, and refreshment areas for pets. Over the years, it has grown from a small gathering to one of the most popular attractions of the Flower Fair, bringing together animal lovers and their companions to celebrate the bond between humans and pets in the streets of Medellín.

Classic & Antique Cars Parade 

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

The Classic and Antique Cars Parade is a highlight of Medellín’s Flower Festival. It features a procession of beautifully restored vintage vehicles through the city streets. Owners showcase cars from various eras, often dressing in period costumes. The event celebrates automotive history and craftsmanship, drawing enthusiasts and spectators alike. It provides a unique blend of mechanical beauty and nostalgia, complementing the festival’s floral theme. This parade offers an educational glimpse into the evolution of automobiles while entertaining audiences with a colorful display of classic designs and engineering from the past.

Trova Festival 

The Trova Festival celebrates a cherished Antioquian tradition: the art of troubadours. These skilled performers combine guitar and tiple music with quick-witted, improvised rhymes and commentary, often humorously addressing current events or individuals. 

Originally a pastime of muleteers to enliven their journeys, trova has evolved into a significant cultural heritage of the region. During the Feria de las Flores, trova competitions serve as qualifying rounds to crown the national Trova King. This festival not only entertains but also preserves and showcases this unique form of musical storytelling, highlighting its importance in Antioquian culture.

Fonda (Mini-Market Tents) 

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

The fondas are basically mini-market events that are part of the Feria de las Flores, offering a microcosm of Antioquian culture. These small, festive tents showcase a colorful array of local sweets, traditional foods, handcrafted items, and iconic regional characters. The lively atmosphere is enhanced by music, creating a celebratory environment where visitors often gather to enjoy drinks and revel in the festivities.

A new addition to the fair is the introduction of “Plazas de las Flores” (Flower Squares). These are special fonda areas set up in five strategic locations throughout the city. Open to the public with free admission, these plazas provide expanded opportunities for both locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the fair’s authentic Antioquian experience.

You can find the ‘Fonda’ Mini-Markets at the following dates and locations 

  • August 2-6: Parque Norte
  • August 2-6: Parque del Rio
  • August 5-9: Miraflores court, in the east of the city in the Buenos Aires sector
  • August 7-11: Ciudad Del Rio
  • August 7-11: Juan Pablo II Airport

Pop-Up Street Concerts 

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

Neighborhood Concerts bring the festive spirit of the Feria de las Flores to the heart of Medellín’s communities. These musical gatherings take place across various traditional neighborhoods, offering a unique glimpse into local life. Featuring guest orchestras performing diverse musical genres, these concerts aim to spread joy throughout the city. For visitors seeking an authentic experience of Medellín’s vibrant culture, attending these neighborhood performances provides an excellent opportunity to explore different areas and immerse themselves in the local atmosphere.

These are the points confirmed so far by neighborhoods and areas:

  • August 4: Aranjuez Park (northeast)
  • August 5: Livestock Fair (Northwest)
  • August 6: Carrera 70, Aeroparque (southwest)
  • August 7: La Milagrosa Park (center east)
  • August 8: La Floresta Park (central west)

And these are the dates on which the stages will be held in the districts:

  • August 3: Altavista
  • August 3: Saint Anthony of Prado
  • August 4: Saint Helena
  • August 7: Saint Christopher
  • August 10: San Sebastian de Palmitas

La Feria a Ritmo de Bicicleta

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

The Bicycle Rhythm Fair is a vibrant event during Medellín’s Flower Festival that promotes sustainable mobility and creativity. Participants decorate their bicycles and dress up in various themed categories, ranging from floral designs to vintage styles and famous characters. The event features a colorful parade through key city areas, showcasing the diversity of cycling culture. It aims to highlight bicycles as a sustainable, healthy transportation option while fostering community engagement and environmental awareness in a festive atmosphere.

Flower Displays

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

Flower Displays are found throughout the city of Medellin. One of the most popular displays is located in Santa Fe Mall, each year they have something very different and mind blowing. I’ve been here 8yrs and every year they have something that’s like wow..  Other malls throughout medellin will have displays and sometimes you will see flower displays in the streets of medellin and people’s homes. 

Super Concert of Feria de las Flores

Feria de las Flores the 2024 Guide -

The Super Concert is a highlight of the Medellín Flower Fair, bringing together some of the biggest names in Latin music. Held at the Polideportivo Sur in Envigado, this eagerly anticipated event features a diverse lineup of renowned artists spanning various genres, including ranchera, vallenato, pop, and urban music. From iconic veterans to rising stars, the concert offers a dynamic musical experience that captures the spirit of contemporary Latin American culture. It’s a night of unforgettable performances that draws music lovers from across the region and beyond.

  • Alejandro Fernández: Mexican superstar renowned for blending traditional ranchera with modern pop.
  • Carlos Vives: Colombian icon famous for fusing vallenato with contemporary pop rhythms.
  • Silvestre Dangond: Charismatic performer at the forefront of modern vallenato.
  • Diego Daza and Ana del Castillo: Rising stars bringing fresh energy to the vallenato scene.
  • Jessi Uribe: Powerhouse vocalist known for emotional performances in popular music.
  • Piso 21: Dynamic Latin pop group celebrated for their catchy, dance-inducing hits.
  • Myke Towers: Puerto Rican talent representing the latest in urban music trends.
  • Eladio Carrión: American-born artist pushing boundaries in Latin trap and reggaeton.

Below are the confirmed dates that will be going on during the Ferai de las Flores 

  • July 21: Santa Elena Silleteritos Parade
  • July 28: Santa Elena Sancocho Festival 
  • August 2: Opening concert at El Obelisco
  • August 2-3: National Trova Festival Semi-Finals at Parque de los Deseos.
  • August 3: Silleteritos Parade in La Floresta.
  • August 3: Fair to the rhythm of the Bike (route coming soon)
  • August 7: Spring Avenue streets, rhythms and flowers  (tour along Avenida Regional from south to north on the eastern side from 30th Street to Parques del Río)
  • August 9: National Trova Festival in Plaza Gardel

Night Cultural Park in Plaza Gardel:

  • August 4: Afro Night
  • August 5: Colombian night
  • August 6: Tropical Night
  • August 7: Alternative music night
  • August 8: Night of son and bolero

Artists’ Street  (where artists from various disciplines will take to the streets to perform outdoors):

  • August 2-11: Plaza de Flores
  • August 3: Lleras Park, Poblado
  • August 3: Junín, El Centro
  • August 7: Pueblito Paisa
  • August 10: Race 70, Laureles
  • August 10: Botero Square, El Centro

Zona que Suena (Zone That Sounds) is a vibrant festival highlight designed for all ages. This expansive recreational area transforms Parque Norte into a lively playground, featuring:

  • Mechanical attractions for thrill-seekers
  • Cultural activities celebrating local heritage
  • Entertainment options for diverse interests
  • Family-friendly environment promoting togetherness
  • Interactive experiences engaging visitors of all ages

This dynamic space offers a perfect blend of fun and culture, creating memorable moments for children, teenagers, and families alike during the Flower Fair celebrations.

The Eternal Medellin Concert

The Feria de las Flores in Medellín features a series of high-profile concerts, including the La Eterna Festival and a central concert at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. These events showcase a diverse lineup of national and international artists across various genres, including pop, ranchera, reggaeton, vallenato, and more.

Notable performers include Marc Anthony, Ana Gabriel, Nicky Jam, Alejandro Fernández, Carlos Vives, Silvestre Dangond, and emerging local artists. The concerts aim to cater to different musical tastes, offering attendees a rich cultural experience.

The events not only feature musical performances but also include unique artistic elements, a gastronomic route celebrating local cuisine, and opportunities for emerging local artists to showcase their talents. These concerts are a significant draw for both locals and tourists, highlighting Medellín’s vibrant music scene and cultural diversity during the Flower Festival.

  • Marc Anthony: Salsa icon returning to Medellín with his electrifying performances and timeless hits.
  • Ana Gabriel: Revered Mexican artist set to enchant with her powerful vocals and beloved ballads and rancheras.
  • Nicky Jam: Reggaeton superstar promising an energetic set filled with chart-topping tracks and infectious rhythms.
  • Nath: Rising Venezuelan talent representing the new wave of urban music.
  • Elder Dayán Díaz: Carrying on his father’s legacy, bringing authentic vallenato sounds to the festival.
  • Xavi, Fonseca, and Proyecto Uno: Diverse acts rounding out the lineup with a blend of pop, tropical, and urban flavors.

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  1. Question on the Santa Elena parade on July 21 , 2024. There’s no mention of the sancocho being served at the park. Is this also going to take place the same day? I know this question might not be relevant to your posting. We are thinking of going , and would like to know about this offering as well. Many thanks

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