Red Bull’s Comuna 13 Cerro Abajo Medellín 2023 Race

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Red Bull’s Comuna 13 Cerro Abajo Medellín 2023 Race

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March 3, 2023

The streets of Medellín’s Comuna 13 are buzzing with excitement as the city prepares to host the Red Bull Cerro Abajo 2023 competition. For the first time in history, this prestigious event will take place in Medellín, attracting 28 riders from 10 different countries who will compete for the title of the fastest runner in the world.

The Red Bull Cerro Abajo series is the most famous series of urban descent stairs in the world, and this year’s race promises to be one of the most challenging yet. The 1.6-kilometer route features 17 obstacles, including torrents, curves, drops, and ramps, that will test even the most skilled runners.

As part of the Latin American Mountain Bike (MTB) circuit, the Red Bull Cerro Abajo in Medellín follows in the footsteps of the Cerro Abajo Valparaíso, held on February 12 in Chile, and the upcoming Cerro Abajo Guanajuato in Mexico, scheduled for March 25.

Colombian Protagonists

In 2022, the Colombian Camilo Sánchez won the competition in Bogotá, which at that time was held on Cerro de Monserrate, with a record of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, achieving the race record. This year, the spotlight is on Juan Fernando Vélez from Antioquia, who finished second in Valparaíso and is expected to appear at home in Medellín. Another favorite is the Czech Tomás Slavik, who is the current champion of Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo and also conquered the Cerro de Monserrate in 2020.

In addition to Red Bull, the event will have sponsors such as Opel, Shaft, Continental-Bikehouse, Nequi, and Colombiana. Red Bull TV channels will broadcast the event live, starting at 12 noon, so fans from around the world can tune in and watch the action unfold.

A Transformative Event for Medellín

The Red Bull Cerro Abajo 2023 competition is not just a race, it’s also an opportunity to showcase the transformation that has taken place in Medellín over the past few decades. In the 1980s, the city was known for its drug cartels and high crime rates, but today it has become a hub of art, culture, and innovation.

The event will take place in Comuna 13, a neighborhood that has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Once stigmatized and plagued by violence, the area is now a vibrant community full of hope and opportunity. Hosting the Red Bull Cerro Abajo in this neighborhood is a testament to the resilience and perseverance of the people of Medellín.

During the race, the public will be able to watch the event from certain sections of the track, but access will be restricted for the safety of athletes and visitors. The best way to experience all the excitement of the Red Bull Cerro Abajo in Medellín is to tune in to Red Bull TV or the Red Bull Bike YouTube channels, where you can watch the race from start to finish and catch all the highlights.

The Red Bull Cerro Abajo 2023 competition is a testament to the power of sports to bring people together, showcase the best of human potential, and inspire communities to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. As the world watches this exciting race unfold, we can all be inspired by the courage, skill, and determination of the athletes and the transformative power of events like this one.

How Can i watch the Cerro Abajo Race?

You can watch the Red Bull Medellin Cerror Abajo Race on Saturday March 4th at on Redbull TV  You can watch the full race starting at 4:45pm

Participating Riders Racing in the Red Bull Cerror Abajo:

  1. Tomas Slavik (CZE)
  2. Lucas Borba (BRA)
  3. Wallace Miranda (BRA)
  4. Gabriel Giovannini (BRA)
  5. Matheus Westin (BRA)
  6. Gabriel Lanfredi (BRA)
  7. Peter Burns (CHI)
  8. Felipe Agurto (CHI)
  9. Pedro Ferreira (CHI)
  10. Sebastian Holguin (COL)
  11. Camilo Sanchez (COL)
  12. Juan Velez (COL)
  13. Johnny Betancurth (COL)
  14. Steven Ceballos (COL)
  15. Felipe Rodriguez (COL)
  16. Juan Esteban Nunez Gomez (COL)
  17. Sebastian Posada (COL)
  18. Julian Restrepo Jaramillo (COL)
  19. Pablo Aguilar (CRC)
  20. Mario Jarrin (ECU)
  21. Daniel Roura (ECU)
  22. Adrien Loron (FRA)
  23. Carlos Terán (VEN)
  24. Sebastian Alfaro (PER)
  25. Marty Bzra (CZE)
  26. Ray Fournier (MEX)
  27. Alan Reyes (MEX)
  28. Diego Gomez (COL)
  29. Juan David Villada (COL)


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