Medellin's Best Internet Providers: An Insider's Guide

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Medellin's Best Internet Providers: An Insider's Guide

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January 20, 2024

As a digital nomad we’re all looking for the best Internet in Medellin. The topic of internet providers in Medellin is a very important one. There are some misconceptions of the internet here – The first of which is the internet infrastructure, which is finally on par with the United States and other Western countries. The second of which is how you go about getting internet service here in Colombia.  Since most people are not well versed in the internet here I will go over both topics with the top four internet service providers in Medellin, all while giving them a grade for internet service, customer service, ease of getting an account and finally an overall grade.

Claro: A Mixed Bag

Claro is a giant in Latin America. It’s a subsidiary of Telmex and offers a range of services like cable, DSL, and Fiber Optic internet. But, it’s pricey, and the value for money isn’t great.

Home Internet Speed Price Starting At: $73.900 COP per Month
Max Internet Speed Provided: 300MB/s Download

Internet Service: C-
If you’re after consistent internet, Claro could be an option, but don’t expect too much. Their basic service is reliable, yet the speeds often fall short of what you pay for. It’s a basic package but expect consistent uptime.

Customer Service: D-
This is where Claro falls short. The phrase “very Latin company” comes to mind. Basic customer service is all you get. Problems with billing or service? You’re pretty much on your own. Their technicians are great, but they can’t make up for the poor call center and retail service.

Ease of Getting an Account: F
Here’s the deal-breaker. As an expat, it’s tough. No cedula or RUT number, no service. They’re not helpful, and if you don’t have the right ID, expect rudeness. It’s the worst experience I’ve had, and I suggest avoiding them if possible.

Overall – F
If we are calculating a grade point average here for Claro, it would be something like a D-, however the poor customer service and the ease of getting an account being so terrible drove down the score of everything else. There’s no amount of consistent internet service and good technicians that can salvage this grade. The negative part of this is that Claro Is literally everywhere in Medellin. No matter which area you live in, Claro service is available. But just because it’s the biggest rarely means it’s the best, and that sums up Claro’s internet service in Medellin to a tee. 

SOMOS Internet:

A Refreshing Change
SOMOS is a new player, offering internet meshing services – a first in the area. They’re fast, affordable, and a breath of fresh air.

Home Internet Speed Price Starting At: $100 COP per Month
Max Internet Speed Provided: 500MB/s Download & 500MB/s Upload

Test is done using SpeedTest App on Cell Phone, Standing next to the SOMOS Modem
I have the 500MB/s Plan

Service is Great for Video Calls , Conferences and Streaming Online Classes.

Internet Service: B+
Incredible speeds at low prices. Their basic plan starts at 35,000 pesos for 500 Mbps, scaling up to 1 Gbps. The catch? Service can slow down in heavy rain, which is common in Medellin. Despite this, they’ve become my primary provider for the back of my apartment.

Customer Service: A+
SOMOS excels here. Everything is done via WhatsApp – billing, technical issues, you name it. It starts with an AI chat, but soon you’re talking to a real person who’s efficient and helpful. Their technicians? They’ll do extra work for a tip, saving you a lot on handyman costs.

Ease of Getting an Account: A+
Getting set up is easy, especially if you have a cedula extranjeria. Contact them on WhatsApp, and you’re good to go in 15 minutes. They make it simple and straightforward.

Overall: A
Rainy day internet issues aside, SOMOS is a top choice, especially for expats. Their modern approach is a game changer.

3. Movistar: The Reliable Choice
Movistar, an international brand, has made its mark in Medellin, offering Fiber Optic internet at a lower price than Claro’s basic service.

Internet Service: A+
Movistar’s internet is top-notch. The basic plan offers 500 Mbps for 70,000 pesos. It’s incredibly consistent, unaffected by weather, and widely available. Perfect for those needing a stable connection for work.

Customer Service: A-
They’re great once you get through to them, but you need to call, which might be daunting if your Spanish isn’t strong. No WhatsApp option here, but once connected, the service is excellent.

Ease of Getting an Account: A-
The process is a bit lengthy, involving a credit check and a phone call, but generally, it’s not too hard.

Overall A +
Well I stated that massive internet slowing during rain time Isn’t a major issue, and it’s not, I have to knock them down a bit for it. I can’t recommend this service enough specifically to expats. If you need internet service and Somos internet is available to you, you would be foolish not to get it even as a secondary option.

Tigo: Consistent but Limited

Tigo is another big name in Medellin. Their service is similar to Claro, but with better reliability and customer service.

Home Internet Price Starting At: $100 COP Per Month
Max Internet Speed: 300 MB/s Download & 50 MB/s Upload

Test is done using SpeedTest App on Cell Phone, Standing next to the Tigo Modem,
I have the 300MB/s plan.

Internet Service: B+
Tigo’s internet is fast, reliable, and competitively priced. If Movistar weren’t around, Tigo would be a great choice. Their speed and reliability are commendable.

Customer Service: B+
You’ll get better service here than with Claro. They’re a legacy provider, so phone communication is necessary, but they’re easier to work with.

Ease of Getting an Account: C-
Here’s the downside: you need a Colombian ID. They’re planning to change this for cedula

Overall – B-
Tigo internet service is incredibly consistent, and you will be able to get service just about everywhere you could possibly want to live in medellin. I wish it were easier to get an account with them, because they would be a top-tier internet service if so. if you are fortunate enough to have somebody who can help you get internet service with Tego, then you’ll be very happy with how the service performs. consistency is key with Tigo.

Movistar: A Game-Changer in Internet Service

Home Internet Price Starting At: $74.79 COP Per Month
Max Internet Speed: 900 MB/s Download & 500 MB/s Upload

Test Provided by Steve @ Medellin.co using his phone, near the Movistar Modem

When Movistar entered Medellin, they revolutionized the internet game, outclassing the likes of Tigo and Claro. They’re still a bit traditional as a service provider, but their offerings are anything but dated.

Internet Service: A+
Movistar blows the competition out of the water with its Fiber Optic internet, offering it at a price that beats Claro’s most basic service. The speeds are incredible – 500 MB per second for just 70,000 pesos. What sets them apart is the consistency and resilience of their service. Rain or shine, Movistar’s internet is steadfast, a blessing for anyone reliant on a steady connection for work or remote gigs.

Customer Service: A-
The only hiccup with Movistar is that you need to call to get service. While this wasn’t an issue for me, it might be daunting for those not fluent in Spanish. But once connected, their team is super helpful, aiming to resolve issues quickly. They lack the WhatsApp convenience of SOMOS, but their phone-based service is top-notch in Latin America.

Account Setup: A-
Setting up an account involves a phone call and a credit check, so it’s a bit of a process, taking up to a couple of hours. Despite this, it’s one of the smoother services to get in Medellin.

Overall: A
I’ve got Movistar alongside SOMOS at home, and it’s been fantastic. I’m paying half of what I used to for Claro’s 15 Meg service, and I’m getting far better consistency and reliability. The bonus? Movistar TV subscription comes with it, allowing you to stream on-demand content on your devices. With Movistar, it’s a win-win situation.

Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton has spent the last 7 years as a full time resident of Medellin. Upon arrival, dispite not speaking Spanish, and never living outside the United States, he adapted quickly to living in Colombia and embraced the culture.

He spent 15 years working in the adult webcam space, and is now a consultant for streamers of all types including YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. In addition to this, he has given back to the community by teaching at youth baseball clinics in Medellin, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Santa Marta, using his passion for baseball and his background in video to teach baseball players to use technology to sharpen their skills.

He’s originally from San Francisco, California and is an avid fan of the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors and Washington Capitals. Video games, technology, reading, writing, cooking, painting and his elderly dog are his passions. If you have any questions you can reach out to him at through email.

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