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New Migracion Prices 2024

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Starting May 15, 2024, Migración Colombia is raising it’s rates on several services. 

  • New Cedula Extranjeria – $267,000 cop
  • Replacement Cedula Extranjeria – $266,000 cop
  • Prórroga PTP – $136,000 cop
  • Salvoconducto – $80,000 cop
  • Certificate of Migratory Movement – $81,000 cop
  • Automatic Migration – $381,000 cop
  • Canadian Reciprocity – $270,000 cop
  • Duplicate PPT – $18,000 cop

These prices will include all VAT and IVA. Remember that Migracion does accept debit cards, credit cards and cash. International debit and credit cards used will be subject to the worst exchange rate over the last 30 days. It’s recommended that you pay in cash or with a Colombian bank issued debit or credit card. 

If you have specific questions about any additional fees or anything else you will need for your migration needs visit their webpage at:

You can follow their Whatsapp Channel at:

If you have any questions about immigration process, pricing or need help with Visas and immigration. We work closely with the best immigration lawyers in Medellin. You can contact us at the following Immigration Lawyers

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