Que Cuento Bar: Launch of a New Upscale Bar in Buenos Aires

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There is no doubt that the social landscape has changed in the post-COVID world. People have become comfortable with staying in and even the most social people have become a little more introverted. This has spilled over into society. If you want to go out in Medellin, there are a multitude of options, but one thing is missing; a cocktail bar. Sure, there are many bars where you can get cocktails, but there are few that offer an upscale experience, even fewer outside of Provenza or Laureles.

World-Renowned Mixologist

Qué Cuento Bar is looking to change that. This new upscale cocktail lounge is set to open on December 8th in the hottest new section of the city, Buenos Aires. With their world-renowned mixologist Andrea Guio, who has been the creative powerhouse behind some of the hottest bars throughout Latin America, Qué Cuento looks to not just serve the typical mixed drinks, their drink menu will be a salute to Medellin. All food and drink options served at Qué Cuento will all have authenticity as the main ingredient. Everything is sourced locally with exquisite flavor profiles.

Though the business is owned by a foreigner, he’s trying to bring the modern look and feel of North American cocktail bars to Colombia by infusing it with local culture specific to the city where the cocktail bar is located, starting with the bar in Medellin. He’s brought in international interior designer, Cristina Tofan, to help collaborate with locals weaving Colombian culture in every corner of the business. Though the bar will have a high-end appearance, the prices will be more than reasonable for the ambiance and quality of the cocktails. He also wants to cater to a more distinguished clientele that isn’t visiting Medellin for the vices the city has become synonymous with.

In addition to the list of unique cocktails, Que Cuento will be one of the few bars in the world to carry Biltong made by local artisan Don Biltong. Biltong is a form of dried and cured meat, deeply rooted in South African culture. It offers a unique and satisfying taste, combining the natural richness of meat with a delightful blend of spices and seasonings. This only adds to the unique offerings you can experience at Que Cuento.

Que Cuento Bar: Launch of a New Upscale Bar in Buenos Aires -

Que Cuento Designer & Famous Muralist from Comuna 13

The design team has worked hard to marry modern design and a strong nod to local culture, implementing everything from Colombian biodiversity to pre-Colombian petroglyphs and patterns inspired by the coast of Antioquia. When you walk into the bar you will be greeted by a mural created specifically for Qué Cuento by famed muralist Giovanni Acevedo. Giovanni’s work can be seen throughout the upper barrios of Medellin including in the famous Comuna 13 graffiti tour, however of more cultural importance he created the mural for “El Camino De La Vida” in Cerro Pan De Azucar in Medellin. The cultural significance of this is unmeasurable because this area was previously plagued by violence. To quell this violence, the city of Medellin built a walkway to connect previously inaccessible areas, which significantly reduced crime rates in the area. Giovanni’s work is beautiful but incredibly significant both socially and culturally.

The most important part of a bar is how you feel while you’re there. Qué Cuento is not just looking to be a bar to go and have a crazy night, it’s a place where you can enjoy their signature cocktails and Colombian tapas, without the craziness of a discoteca, or being a restaurant primarily. Qué Cuento will be your go-to bar if you want to go out on a date, and not have to compete with loud music and sports matches. Authentically classy, authentically Colombian. 

Grand Opening Date

They will be celebrating their grand opening on December 8th, 2023 and it is highly recommended that you make reservations. They’re located at CRA 38 #48-51 LOCAL 101, making it easy to take the metro to get there, as they’re located one block from the Bicentenario_Cll. 49 tranvia station. You can make reservations on their website at https://quecuento.bar or by sending them a message on WhatsApp at +57 350 887 2073.

Carrera 38 #48-51 Local 101
Buenoes Aires, Medellin
One block from Bicentenario_Cll 49 tranvia station

Visit their Website at: https://quecuento.bar

Whatsapp Contact for Reservations: +57 350 887 2073

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