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Another Death of an American Tourist in Medellin: Parties, Scopolamine, and a Dark Side of Tourism

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In a shocking incident, an American from New York was discovered dead in a hotel room in Medellin’s Provenza sector, marking a grim end to what was supposed to be a celebratory occasion. The deceased, identified as Johny Jerome, had chosen Medellin to ring in his 45th birthday. After a night of partying at a local nightclub, Jerome and his cousin returned their luxurious hotel room accompanied by two Venezuelan women.

The tragic discovery was made on the morning of October 31, when Jerome’s cousin found him sitting in the bathtub, unresponsive. The hotel’s rescue personnel rushed to the scene but were unable to resuscitate Jerome, whose life was pronounced extinct by the authorities later called to the scene. The two women, who were last seen leaving the hotel around 5:00 AM, are deemed crucial in piecing together the final hours leading to this unfortunate demise.

The initial investigation has shed light on the possibility of scopolamine poisoning as a potential cause of death. Scopolamine, often referred to as “Devil’s Breath,” is a notorious drug known for its ability to erase memory and inhibit free will, frequently employed by criminals in Colombia to exploit unsuspecting victims. While the exact circumstances surrounding Jerome’s death remain under scrutiny, the presence of scopolamine cannot be ruled out, given its rampant misuse in the region.

This incident also casts a spotlight on the darker facets of tourism in Medellin, notably the burgeoning sex tourism industry. The city, with its lax regulations, has become a haven for sex tourists, often drawing individuals from around the globe into a whirlpool of illicit activities. The allure of forbidden pleasures coupled with the perilous ubiquity of drugs like scopolamine poses a formidable threat to tourists, often leading to tragic outcomes as seen in the case of Jerome.

The tragic fate of Johny Jerome serves as a somber reminder of the lurking dangers beneath the facade of Medellin’s nightlife. The investigation into Jerome’s death is ongoing, with authorities meticulously examining every lead to unravel the mystery shrouding this tragic event.

The grievous loss of life underscores the imperative for heightened awareness and vigilance among tourists venturing into the city’s night scene, amidst the menacing shadows cast by scopolamine and the sinister underbelly of sex tourism.

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