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The Trend of ‘Passport Boys’ Searching for a Wife in Colombia

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In recent years, Colombia has become a destination not only for tourists but also for a growing number of men looking for traditional wives. Dubbed as “passport boys”, these men travel to Colombia in search of a partner to settle down with. This practice is not new, but the rise of social media and dating sites has made it easier for these men to connect with each other and find their match. In this article, we will delve deeper into this trend, how it works, and the ethical concerns surrounding it.

The Quest for Traditional Values

Many of these “passport boys” seek women with “traditional values” that align with their own. They are not looking for a good time but rather someone to marry and bring back to their home country. To find their match, they visit dating websites such as,, or, where they can browse through a catalog of women’s profiles. Once they have matched with a potential wife, they travel to Colombia to learn more about the lady’s culture and family.

Social media platforms such as TikTok also play a role in this trend, with hashtags such as #passportbros, #passportboys, and #passportkings. Through these hashtags, men share advice on how to find the perfect wife and help each other avoid cultural differences. They even upload videos onto Youtube talking about the dating scene in Medellin.

The Impact on Tourism and Economy

Aside from dating sites and social media, men come to Colombia because of the growing number of Youtube Channels, Articles, and other mediums from men talking about how they met their wife or girlfriend from Colombia. This helps grow tourism and the economy in Colombia, as these men come here to learn more about the Colombian culture. They attend language classes, learn to dance Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, rent apartments, spend money on fine-dining, and go on vacation with their potential wife to places like Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Ethical Concerns

While there is nothing inherently wrong with looking for a partner overseas, the nature of this practice raises ethical concerns. There’s a fine line between looking for a wife and coming to Colombia for sex tourism. It is vital to practice cultural sensitivity and respect for the local people and their culture. Moreover, the power dynamics in these relationships can be unequal, and there is a risk of exploitation. It is essential to ensure that the women involved are not being forced into these relationships or are in a vulnerable position.

In conclusion, the trend of “passport boys” looking for a wife in Colombia is growing. While this practice may seem harmless, it is important to be mindful of the ethical implications of such relationships. It is vital to approach these relationships with cultural sensitivity and respect for the local people and their culture. It is also crucial to ensure that both parties involved are entering into the relationship willingly and not being exploited.

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