Another scopolamine attack, this time in Itagui

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Scopolamine, also known as “the Devil’s Breath,” is a dangerous drug that has been used in robberies and other crimes in Colombia for years. It is a powerful substance that can cause its victims to lose consciousness, memory, and even free will. Unfortunately, Itagüí, a municipality in the Aburrá Valley in Colombia, has recently experienced yet another scopolamine attack.

According to a report, a 51-year-old man from the El Porvenir neighborhood in Medellín was visiting the La Mayorista sector of Itagüí when he became a victim of a scopolamine attack. The man’s partner stated that he went to a bar on the night of Friday, January 13th, where he had a beer. As he was leaving the establishment, he suddenly lost consciousness and did not wake up until the next day, Saturday, at noon. When he regained consciousness, he found himself in the Itagüí Gaula Protection Transfer Center in the Santa María neighborhood.

The man discovered that he had been robbed of his credit card, ID, and mobile phone. Later, he realized that there had been five bank transactions totaling 4.7 million Colombian pesos from various Bancolombia bank correspondents located in the Campo Valdés neighborhood in Medellín. The man’s family members are perplexed that despite the area’s numerous security cameras, authorities were not alerted to his situation until several citizens reported seeing him wandering around aimlessly.

An odd aspect of the case

Another odd aspect of the case is that the authorities did not provide the victim with any evidence of how he was found. Such documentation is essential to include in the complaint filed with the Attorney General’s Office. The authorities in Itagüí confirmed that they discovered the victim in a disoriented state and are currently investigating the incident.

The victim has filed a report with the Attorney General’s Office and is awaiting a neurologist’s opinion on the aftermath of the robbery. Unfortunately, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred in Colombia. Scopolamine has been used to commit various crimes, including robbery, sexual assault, and kidnapping. It is a potent drug that can be easily administered without the victim’s knowledge or consent.

What can YOU do to avoid becoming a victim?

The Colombian government has launched numerous awareness campaigns to educate people on how to avoid scopolamine attacks. One of the most important steps is to remain vigilant while in public areas, especially at night, and to keep an eye on drinks and food. It is also essential to avoid strangers who offer any form of assistance or to accompany them to an unfamiliar location.

In conclusion, the recent scopolamine attack in Itagüí is yet another reminder of the danger of this drug. It is crucial that people in Colombia and beyond are aware of the risks associated with this substance and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from becoming victims of scopolamine attacks.

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