Cracking Down on Sex Tourism
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Cracking Down on Sex Tourism

The city of Medellín has been gaining popularity as a destination for sex tourism, which has given rise to sexual exploitation networks in the city. In response to this growing problem, the city’s Secretary of Security, José Gerardo Acevedo, has offered a reward of up to $100 million pesos for information that leads to the whereabouts of those who are sexually exploiting men, women, and minors in the city.

The rise of sex tourism in Medellín has attracted the attention of people from different parts of the world. Recently, social media was flooded with images of alleged sexual parties and interpersonal encounters between Colombian women and foreign men, allegedly organized by Patrick Red and Casie Brown, apparently of American and Canadian nationality. They were reported to have implemented the same modus operandi in other Latin American cities.

Through advertising guidelines, stories, and private chats on Instagram, these men sent invitations to women, offering them transportation and unlimited food in exchange for their participation in the meetings. Several women shared screenshots of these invitations on Twitter, revealing their explicit nature and the fact that they were directed particularly at foreign citizens who came to Medellín looking for sex tourism.

Moreover, these alleged sexual exploiters offered an “Immersion Program in Medellín” for $5,000, a private dinner with 15 or 20 women for $250, a party for between 50 and 100 people for $300, and excursions to other areas of the country, like Cartagena, for between $300 and $600. They even offered a $250/hour coaching program, promising to teach men everything they need to know to build an amazing love life in Medellín and have “a rock star dating life with sexy and feminine Colombian women.”

The Secretary of Security’s statement comes as a response to these recent events and as part of the city’s efforts to combat sexual exploitation. In fact, so far in 2023, six arrests have been made against members of sexual exploitation networks in the city.

Medellín is not the only city in the world facing the issue of sex tourism and sexual exploitation. However, the city’s authorities are taking serious measures to address this problem. The reward offered by the Secretary of Security is a testament to the city’s commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of its citizens, especially its women and minors.

Sexual exploitation not only violates human rights but also has severe physical, emotional, and psychological effects on the victims. Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone, particularly those who witness or have information on such crimes, to report them to the authorities. The reward offered by the Secretary of Security is a significant step in encouraging people to come forward and provide information that could help in the arrest and prosecution of those involved in sexual exploitation networks.

In conclusion, Medellín’s offer of a reward of up to $100 million pesos for information on sexual exploiters in the city is a significant move towards combating sexual exploitation and protecting the rights of its citizens. The rise of sex tourism in the city should not be a reason to tolerate sexual exploitation networks, and the authorities must take all necessary measures to eradicate this problem.

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