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The Dangerous Truth about Tinder in Medellin

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Let’s have an honest discussion about Tinder in Medellin

Are you considering visiting Medellin looking for romance? The United States Embassy has issued a warning specifically highlighting the risks associated with using dating apps like Tinder in Colombia, especially in Medellin. There have been rampant reports of druggings, robberies, and even suspicious deaths involving foreign visitors who use these apps in recent months.

Medellin’s mayor has suggested that sex tourism is to blame for these crimes, with criminals using dating apps as a means to target and lure unsuspecting victims into dangerous situations. To ensure your safety, it is essential to be aware of the risks and take precautions while using Tinder in Medellin.

The appeal of Medellin for sexual tourists

Medellin has become a magnet for sexual tourists from around the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. With its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and friendly locals, Medellin offers a unique experience for those seeking adventure and connection.

One of the main draws for these tourists is the allure of Colombian women. Renowned for their beauty, charm, and vibrant personalities, Colombian women have captivated the hearts of many. The chance to meet and interact with these enchanting women is a significant factor in attracting sexual tourists to Medellin.

“Colombian women are known for their irresistible combination of beauty, intelligence, and passion. It’s no wonder that so many men are drawn to Medellin in search of romantic and intimate encounters.” – Carlos García, a local tour guide

Another reason for the influx of sexual tourists is the ease of travel to Medellin. Being well-connected to major cities in the US and other Latin American countries, Medellin offers convenient access for travelers. Whether by direct flights or well-established transportation networks, visitors can easily reach Medellin to explore its offerings.

Furthermore, the economic decline in Colombia has made Medellin an affordable destination for many. The cost of living, accommodations, and entertainment in the city is comparatively lower than in other popular tourist destinations. This affordability factor has made Medellin an attractive choice for those seeking to fulfill their desires without breaking the bank.

Overall, the combination of the allure of Colombian women, the ease of travel, and the affordability of the city due to the economic decline has positioned Medellin as a sought-after destination for sexual tourists. This trend has created a complex dynamic within the city and raises important questions about the impact of tourism on local communities.

The profile of a typical tourist

Let’s talk about the typical tourist before we discuss his intentions – I’ll focus on the US based tourists because that’s who I know most. This could be tourists from anywhere though. They are typically 20-50, someone who either works hard and has a substantial amount of disposable income, potentially married with kids, feels underappreciated back home by the women, and has a burning desire to be a “baller” for a weekend. This tourist used to go to Miami for a weekend, rent a Lamborghini and throw money around at the clubs. Now unless you’re a crypto millionaire looking to live it up for a weekend and spend a few hundred thousand dollars, this is not realistic anymore. 

So they set their sights on the next best thing. Colombia. Everyone knows Colombian women are amongst the most beautiful in the world, the dollar goes a long way there, and cocaine. They come here to live out some idiotic Pablo Escobar fantasy. They think to themselves, ‘Wait, wasn’t Pablo Escobar from Medellin? Let me look on TikTok for Medellin Partying videos’ and of course they see a curated list of videos where simple guys are posting their successes with girls that are WAY out of their league. They can’t get their credit cards out fast enough to book a flight and an AirBNB. They’ll likely rope friends in a similar headspace to go with them. Thanks to some ididotic article, they’ll hear that Laureles is the coolest neighborhood in the world, and book there or in El Poblado. In Miami terms, Poblado is like Miami Beach, and Laureles is Brickell in terms of vibe. 

What sets these tourists apart is their burning desire to experience the luxurious side of life. They believe that by engaging with beautiful Colombian women, they can fulfill their desires for a lavish lifestyle. Whether it’s lavish dinners, extravagant outings, or indulging in luxury accommodations, these tourists are willing to spend their disposable income to make their dreams a reality.

“Visiting Medellin allows me to escape my everyday life and experience a level of luxury that I don’t normally have access to,” says Mark, a frequent visitor from the US. “The beautiful Colombian women add an element of charm and excitement to my trips, making it an unforgettable experience.”

Arrival at MDE – The Gateway to Paradise

Upon arriving, they are SHOCKED at how many beautiful women there are here. If you stop for a coffee at Juan Valdez, they’ll be greeted by a woman who wouldn’t even look at them if they were on fire in the US. This builds up their confidence. Now they are emboldened by this and decide to start looking for girls immediately. Someone mentions that they should get some cocaine since people in Facebook groups said it’s cheap and easy to get. They learn about “Tussi” and get some for the girls who will undoubtedly be there for their orgy. 

They had plans of visiting one of the “strip clubs” such as Fase 2 or La Isla. These are also brothels, which is completely legal here. There is also limited shame from locals regarding the use of prostitution here. As I discuss later in this post, this would be the best way for these sexual tourists to fulfill their sexual needs and fantasies. It would be the safest thing for them, but in their checked bag, they brought their sense of entitlement. The intrusive thought they have is “I’m better than these women, I’m from the US. They all want to have a US Green Card, but I’m going to play on that and crush it”. Between that and shame from their friends, they punt on the strip club idea. 

Bad decisions incoming

Their friends remind them about the hot girl at Juan Valdez. “Come on bro, we can get hot girls here and not have to pay for it like pathetic losers. Let’s go on Tinder and clean up!” MIstake 1. They set their age preference from 18-25. Mistake 2. They start swiping like mad; Completely shocked at the level of beauty and sexual freedom these girls have. They start getting matches, matches their wildest fantasies couldn’t fathom. They start replying to the messages. Mistake 3. “Hola mor”, “Hola cielo”, “Hola guapo” messages get their attention, because they knew they were the kings here. These messages just prove that they’re going to have a great weekend. 

This is the beginning of the end. The Tinder girls find out they have friends in town and they want to party. Of course she has hot friends too, and they want to take the conversation to Whatsapp, mistake 4. The girl sends photos of their hot friends and promises a 2/1 ratio of women for the party, mistake 5. Now it’s time for the critical mistake – about an hour before the planned meet, the girl says that her and her friends should come to the rented apartment and have a few cocktails before going out to dance and eat. By now these guys feel bulletproof, and think they will get sex without even taking these girls out. They post content to their social media site dujour about how beautiful Medellin is, they will boast about the climate, the weather and the people, all while not talking about the orgy they just set up or the plates full of drugs they have ready to act as social lubricant to expedite their planned sexual escapade. 

When the girls arrive they go down to pay for the taxi(s) of the girls and introduce the ladies to the guards at the building. This is the ultimate mistake, and what will doom them for the night. Now the guards know these women are approved to come up, and this will allow them to come and go as they please. 

Plot twist

This is where the night gets dark. The girls come up and party accordingly. They tend to not like cocaine, but Tussi is beloved in the party scene here. A quick bit about Tussi, it’s 2CB, which is a mix of ketamine, MDMA, and powdered juice mix to give it color and flavor. The scary part is that in the past it was all built on a heroin base, now the binding agent is fentanyl because it’s easier to get and cheaper. Also JUST as addictive, which is a very key element. Also when people drink and mix 2CB, they are hornier, which helps with the theater that’s about to happen. The girls slyly drop something in the guys drinks. It’s not a roofie like in the US, this is much scarier and more dangerous. They drop scopolamine in the drinks of these unsuspecting tourists. Within 30 minutes these men are no longer coherent or conscious.

Their body is, and to the outside world, they appear normal. They can talk, walk and appear to be maybe a little drunk but aware. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are under the effects of Scopolamine, which is perhaps the most powerful consciousness inhibitor in the world. The reason it’s so scary is because it doesn’t just knock you out. It will eventually, but the scumbag thief has around 1-2 hours where you are just ‘awake’ but completely submissive to them. Any suggestion they have, you will do. Log in to your crypto account, empty it out. Drive around and withdraw money until you hit your daily ATM limit. Give them your valuables, your laptop, jewelry, phone, wallet, credit cards, passport, etc. For some weird reason, they also steal cologne, but that’s not the point. This is the morale pedestal  that the scum of the earth that does this stands on – they didn’t steal anything, you GAVE it to them.

Normalizing victim blaming

In the above story, who is to blame? Did they deserve to be drugged and robbed? No way. Nobody deserves that. If you’ve gone through this, you know this is the closest a man can feel to getting raped. I’ll die on that hill. However, their ego and ignorance put them in a position to be robbed. Terrible decisions were made to get them there. I can’t do anything about the horny male ego, but I can do something about ignorance. 

Here is my advice to every man coming here to Medellin to be a budget baller for a weekend – Stay off Tinder. You may think you’re the main character and God’s gift to the world, but here you are just a would be victim. Most of the beautiful girls on Tinder see you as an opportunity, just as you see them as an opportunity. They see you as a financial windfall, and you see them as a sexual object. My advice is to be honest with yourself. Truly honest. Look inside at your true intentions for coming to what was once the murder capital of the world. I think that most are men coming here for sex, drugs and reggaeton (not much Rock n’ roll here).

Don’t let people tell you that you deserve to be drugged, but also don’t look for sympathy when it happens. Colombians will give you none. Other immigrants won’t either, because at the end of the day, they have chosen to live here. People coming here for sexual tourism are looked down upon by everyone. For those of us who are here for more than a weekend of debauchery, the ramifications of your bad behavior lingers. The locals think we are all sex-pats, basically an expat, but one who is here for sex. An example is that I don’t even go to Parque Lleras, Provenza or Laureles unless I absolutely have to. The police are going to judge me based on your hedonistic behavior. The same way that many from the US look at all Latinos like they are affiliated with drug cartels. 

Increased thefts and violent deaths of foreigners

Colombia has experienced a significant increase in thefts and violent deaths targeting foreign visitors. In the third trimester of 2023, thefts committed against foreign visitors rose by a staggering 200% compared to the previous year. Additionally, there was a 29% increase in violent deaths, with many of the victims being US citizens.

The cities of Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogota have been particularly affected, with a high number of reported incidents involving dating app-related crimes. This alarming trend highlights the growing risk that foreign visitors face while traveling in Colombia.

US Travel Advisory for Colombia

The US Department of State has issued a travel advisory for Colombia, highlighting security concerns and the risks associated with terrorism. The advisory specifically urges US citizens to reconsider travel to the country due to these ongoing issues.

In certain areas of Colombia, such as Arauca, Cauca, Norte de Santander, and the Venezuela-Colombia border, the security situation is particularly high-risk. These areas have been classified as Level 4, indicating that they should be avoided due to the significant dangers present.

It is important to note that the US government has limited ability to provide emergency services in these specific regions, further emphasizing the potential risks associated with traveling to Colombia.

Board Your Flight Home with Only Good Memories

This isn’t just advice about getting robbed. Don’t leave here with a child or an STD. Had these men not let their egos get involved, they would have done just this. Now they are going home broke and having to rebuild their lives. The ripple effect of their poor decisions will affect those around them for years to come. Even after the initial sting wears off, now everyone knows that they made poor choices in a dangerous foreign country. They will likely omit the decisions that led to them getting robbed, electing to showcase their victimhood, and not giving the lesson of what they should have learned from this terrible experience.

I’m not going to debate the validity of prostitution, but someone I know made a stellar argument about it, and I want to share it with you, dear reader. If your engine dies in your car, and you were never taught how to work on cars, does visiting a mechanic in your time of need a sign of weakness? No. But if you are not in a good mental place and lack of intimacy is driving you to make shitty decisions, does visiting a professional in your time show a weakness in you? He also stated no. Most men are not taught how to interact with women. Most men know as much about talking to women as they do on how to change the rod bearings on an e93 BMW M3. I know, oddly specific, but I write what I know, sue me. 

I’ll close with this – I know many people who have met their long term partners on Tinder. They have sparked beautiful relationships, and friendships that started as a Tinder match. It does happen. But the overwhelming majority of the interactions there are transactional in nature. Also, for the love of God guys, BE REALISTIC. If you’re 50 and trying to get 19 year old women, there is more than just a chance they’re using you, just as much as you’re using them. Don’t be surprised when the young woman of your dreams uses you as an ATM. Her grandmother will get sick every 2 weeks, they will go to the hospital and need medication every month. 

If you live in reality and are honest with yourself. Your likelihood of getting robbed here goes down significantly. Mixing in a little street smarts will ensure you go home intact. Bad things do happen here, The likelihood of it happening to you goes up exponentially if you put yourself in danger with piss poor decisions.

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