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Where to Celebrate Halloween in Medellin: From Haunted Houses to Costume Raves

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Where can I celebrate Halloween in Medellin?

Well it depends on what you’re looking for. Halloween is one of the holidays that Paisas celebrate the same as the west does. The one major difference here is that there seems to be a cutoff at 40 for costumes. Last year I went as Fred Durst, and luckily the costume is the same thing as I wear normally, just a bit exaggerated, because the number of people I saw wearing costumes tended to end at about the 35 year age group. 

If you have children, there are plenty of trick-or-treat options, and many of the buildings hand out candy at the porteria, for children outside of the complex, and there are all sorts of parties at parks for the kiddos.

If you’re looking for something more geared towards adults, we have a plethora of options, I will focus on the 8 best:

1. La Mansión del Terror haunted house 

Located in the basement of the parking garage of Centro Comercial Arkadia is this new attraction, which is equal parts haunted house and terror escape room. It’s available until Halloween night. 

Find them on Instagram: @arkadiacc
Location: Belen

2. Circo del Terror show

If creepy clowns are your thing, this is the show for you. It’s a circus with a horror twist, meaning these clowns are intentionally trying to creep you out, and even if love the movie, “It” and a Pennywise fanboy/fangirl, this might be a bit much, but in the best way possible.

Find them on Instagram: @elcircodelterrorencolombia
Location: Jumbo La 65 Laureles

3. Fantasmagoría film fest

Watch “El Orfanato” (2007) in a cemetery and see the Colombian premiere of “Cuando Acecha la Madad” at this annual film festival. Is there a better place to watch a horror film festival than in a supposedly haunted cemetery? To find out the locations.

Follow them on Instagram @mfantasmagoria

4. Roller-skating costume party

If being terrified isn’t your thing and you want to do something a little different, you can dress up in your costume and roller skate at Centro Comercial Oviedo’s makeshi roller rink. This is a free event, and a tremendous date idea if you want to do something different. 

Find out more on Instagram @oviedocc

5. Rave in Medellin

One of the most anticipated raves in the city of Medellin is the annual “Welcome Back the Devil” rave.This year’s rave has it’s most diverse lineup in the mini-festival’s history. This year you can vibe to the music of Cera Khin, Oguz, Dexphase, Peligre, Zorza and the headliner Shlomo.  It will be taking place on October 27th at the El Rodeo City Hall, and it’s highly recommended that you purchase tickets in advance. We all know that “ahorita” is the most ambiguous measurement of time in Latin America, but I will say buy them “Ahora”.

You can get more information about the event on the Instagram page of the promoters @kalchno 

6. Party in the Discoteca

One of the hottest nightclubs in Medellin is the local version of the club chain Dubai. When you mention Dubai to the young people of Medellin, they tend to have visions of a luxurious, 6-star life, sipping $6k bottles of champagne in the platform restaurant of the Burj Khalifa, and being whisked to a posh nightclub in a Lamborghini with a prince. While the Dubai nightclub in Medellin might fall short of those expectations, it is still one of the most luxurious nightclubs in Medellin. Sure, you may be eating empanadas from a streetside vendor after and getting to the club in a small yellow taxi, don’t let that discourage you. This year for the weekend before Halloween, the Dubai nightclub will feature some of the best house, trans and techno DJs from Colombia. They will also be serving Halloween themed cocktails and having a costume contest on November 3rd and 4th.

For more information connect with the club directly on Instagram at @dubai_medellin

7. Something a bit spicer

If you are looking for something a bit spicier, there is a place to do this here in Medellin as well. Of course. While not exactly a technical Halloween event, the Barrio Colombia dance club Fase 2 has 2 events where they are having all of the lovely ladies dress up. October 27th will be Superhero night, where everyone will be wearing superhero costumes, and I’m not saying to dress up like Batman, but I’m not NOT telling you to dress up like Batman. On November 3rd there will be a “Collegadas – NOCHE DE REBELDES” event. I’m not going to translate that, but this will appeal to a certain group of people.

Find out more on Instagram @fase2oficial

8. Culinary delights

For the foodies amongst us, on October 26th, you can head over to the Centro Comercio Indiana in Envigado to make your own Halloween-themed pizza at Pizzeria San Luca. While this isn’t technically a pizza making class, there will be master pizza chefs on-site to help you create a new pizza to your own tastes. You can decide of adding pineapple to your pizza is spooky or gross. This is a great outside of the box date idea as well.

For more information reach out to San Luca on Instagram @sanluca_pizzeria

9. Costume Party Competition

You think you have what it takes to win top prizes with your amazing costume, come go try your luck at Mall Bora Bora and win up to $5 Million COP on October 27th

Mall Bora Bora, located on Avenida Las Palmas in Medellin, is a new entertainment hub designed with four distinct areas catering to recreation, leisure, culture, gastronomy, and fun. The mall can accommodate over 2,500 people within its 5,000 square meters, featuring spaces for live concerts, urban and electronic music, and a cozy spot named El Deck for socializing or enjoying live DJ performances. This multi-faceted venue aims to become a significant meetup and entertainment point in Medellin, aligning with the city’s environmental goals and evolving cultural landscape.

For more information reach out to Mall Bora Bora on Instagram for more info @mallborabora

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